Workshop Series for 'Art Friends'

Katelynn Noel Knick


Katelynn Noel Knick


Visual artists across the state of Oklahoma deserve the benefits that
a creative network can offer, regardless of their ability to access said
network. This belief has driven various arts leaders in the direction of
community building and alongside them, I created the emerging artist
platform, Art Friends, in September 2021 in order to empower
emerging artists by providing the skills, community, and resources
artists need to feel confident in their art, career, and creative
network. The proposed Workshop Series will incentivize emerging
artists in Oklahoma to preview the professional development
resources offered by Art Friends by showcasing a week-long series
of classes and talks from experienced visual arts professionals; the
series will conclude with an artists mixer. All attendee’s of this series
will be offered the opportunity to apply for an annual scholarship,
which will provide them with convenient access to a support
community, 24 virtual classes and talks, and an archival member
library of educational content. The vision of this project imagines a
future where your location doesn’t limit your ability to connect with
and learn from the larger visual arts community of this state and
neighboring states.

This "Workshop Series" is a perfect preview of what Art Friends provides and our mission of supporting and creating an expansive, accessible community for emerging artists. I feel honored to have the support of OVAC and the Andy Warhol Foundation, which allows me to give back and empower our community on a much larger scale. As a professional artist and leader in Oklahoma, I understand what artists in our state need to further their careers and art practice and I'm excited to get organizational support in providing an answer to this need.