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We Are Queer OK

John Flores


John Flores, Headshot


We Are Queer OK is a digital and print media project in the form of a 24-page art zine consisting of photographic portraits that showcase the multifaceted queer population in Oklahoma. The zine will be available to anyone for free via a companion website. We Are Queer OK will subvert the advertorial nature of tourism travel guides into candid self-promotion of Queer Oklahomans and their unique experiences. We Are Queer OK will be a postcard to the LGBTQIA+ throughout the U.S. from the queer and queer-allies of Oklahoma, with a message that says “Howdy, roll thru.”

"This project challenges me to jump into the Oklahoma queer community feet first and engage directly with my subjects, build community, document these experiences, and share them with anyone starting their queer Oklahoma journey the way I did—alone on the internet looking for a place to belong." - John Flores


B4B3LAND, Oakland 2016, John Flores.

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