Meet the Awardees

2021 Grant Recipients

What an exciting time for the visual arts in Oklahoma. These projects are new, collaborative, and engaging communities throughout our state. We cannot wait to see how Thrive Grants will benefit the creative landscape of Oklahoma for many years to come!

Lydia Moore, Leading a workshop at Ahha Tulsa, Image provided by Lydia Moore

Art Futures Club

Lydia Moore

Sample of faces built as demonstration pieces for 3rd grade project

Faces Of Our Community

Shelly Goodmanson

Amy Sanders De Melo, Working in the studio, Image provided by Amy Sanders De Melo


Amy Sanders De Melo

Image pulled from the web. Route 66. Oklahoma.

Liminal Landscapes Along Rt. 66

Naima Lowe

ASLUT Zine. COVID Diaries Part 2.

Oklahoma Unwound: ASLUT Community Quarterly

Ferrel Dixon

People by People Logo. Image Provided by Tiffany McKnight.

People by People

Tiffany McKnight

L to R: Zachary Burns Cinematography); Brandi Kelley (Dance); Jessica Ray (Dance, Choreography, Filmmaking); Angel Little (Visual Art, Graffiti, MC, Poetry, Dance); Aaron Michael Bushong (Violin, Viola & Theater); Hui Cha Poos (Choreography & Dance); Nicole Poole (Live Composition, Theater); Chelsea Bushong (Harp, Dance); Chris “Twix” Shepard (Dance); Tony Tee (DJ, MC & Poetry); Austin Nieves (Dance & MC)
Photo Credit: Zachary Burns
Not pictured: Nicholas Klein (Percussion, Dance)


Nicole Poole

Kara Lynch, Headshot, Image provided by Sarah Ahmad

Stories From the Core

Sarah Ahmad

Sugar High Promotional Photo, Provided by romy owens

Sugar High

romy owens

Sunny Dayz Committee and Muralists, On site at the Sunny Dayz Mural Fest, Photographer Steph Montelongo

Sunny Dayz Mural Festival

Virginia Sitzes

Artistic Signage at the Norman Central Library, Lauren and Jessie Rosenfelt on site, Image provided by Lauren Rosenfelt

This is Place

Lauren Rosenfelt

B4B3LAND, Oakland 2016, John Flores

We Are Queer OK

John Flores