2022 Applications

Image Credit: “Mental Health” event at the Center for Public Secrets. First cycle of 4. Planned by Thrive Grant Recipient, Ferrel Dixon (ASLUT Community Quarterly). Photo taken by Photographer, Medley Jones, 2021. 

Before You

Before you apply, carefully review everything on this page including the REQUIREMENTS, SCORING MATRIX, and TIMELINE. We strongly encourage all applicants to utilize all of the FREE resources on this page; you will find an info session, FAQs, grant writing tips, application walk-through, and a budget template. 

In 2022, we will be introducing 2 new categories under the Thrive Grants umbrella! You will have the option to apply for an Innovator Grant ($5,000) or a Powerhouse Grant ($10,000). We will have 8 Awardees, with 4 in each new category. All of the Thrive requirements remain the same but the Innovator category will be ideal for individual applicants or small teams, and the Powerhouse category will be better suited for expansive, heavily collaborative, and/or costly projects. If you don't know which category you should apply for, send your inquiry to aunj@ovac-ok.org, we are happy to answer your questions!

2021 Info Session 

Check out the Thrive info session! This presentation details the requirements for this grant in 2021

and there is a Q&A during the last half of the recording. We encourage you to apply for 2022, and watching this info session is a great way to prepare for the next round.

2022 Info Session


  1. The proposed project must have a central focus on the visual arts. Artistic practices firmly rooted in dance, theatre, music, or industry/feature filmmaking are not eligible to apply. 

  2. The proposed project must be publicly accessible and push the boundaries of the traditional exhibition experience. Be sure to think outside the box and put an emphasis on how to interact with your audience. 

  3. All events associated with your project must take place in Oklahoma and before the presentation at the end of the award year in July.

  4. For collaborative projects, the individual who submits the project proposal will serve as the Lead Applicant and a detailed timeline and budget must be included. To download a budget template click the "download template" button or click HERE.

  5. Artists currently enrolled as a student in an MFA/BFA or are seeking enrollment in the arts during the award year are not eligible to apply as a Lead Applicant but are allowed to be a collaborator.

  6. The Lead Applicant and the majority of the collaborators must reside in Oklahoma.

  7. Successful applicants may apply after one calendar year of award receipt but must propose a new project or an expansion of previous work. You will not be disqualified for continuing to grow and develop the visual arts of Oklahoma but please note that preference will be shown to creative projects that have not received funding in the past.

  8. 501c3 organizations or for-profit corporations are not eligible to apply. Artists with an LLC are eligible to apply.

  9. Awarded applicants must participate in the awards reception in July the following year to present their project to the public. New applicants will be notified on July 15th and invited to the awards presentation on July 16th, where their award status will be announced. 


April 1, 2022 - Applications Open!

May 5, 2022 - Virtual Info Session, Register!

We are offering a free info session where we will go into detail about the program, what projects qualify, how to write a winning application, and answer any questions.

May 24, 2022 - Drop-in Office Hours Registration 

Join us from 4 to 6 pm, as we collectively discuss questions from the audience, this is meant for anyone with general inquires. If you need personal focused time with the Grant Manager, schedule an appointment for the Office Hours available from May 24th to May 26th. 

May 24, 2022 Office Hours by Appointment

Email the Grant Manager at aunj@ovac-ok.org, to schedule an appointment during this window.

May 25, 2022 - Office Hours by Appointment

May 26, 2022 - Office Hours by Appointment

June 1, 2022 - Application deadline at 11:59 pm CST

July 15, 2022 - Thrive Grant winners notified

August 2022 - June 2022 - Thrive Grant award period 

July 16, 2022 - Awards Reception

Join us from 2 to 4 pm at Living Arts Tulsa, for a fun Pecha Kucha-style presentation of the 12 projects from 2021 and find out who the 8 awardees are for the next year!

July 2023 - Awards Reception

2022 Grant Recipient presentations

Scoring Matrix

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