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Sugar High

romy owens


From L to R: Riley Jantzen, romy owens, Tox Murillo, Kelly Tompkins, and Ben Ezzell


Sugar High explores a future in which immediate access to refined sugar is imperative for human survival and instant gratification is a way of life. In this imagined world, the only way to meet our dietary needs is for everything in the built environment to be made of sugar. Sugar High is a surreal sugar dream addressing our modern world’s prioritization of immediate satisfaction over all else. To

depict this future, our team will create an immersive, experiential space for visitors where everything appears to be made of candy. The installation will be a delightful array of color explosions, an indulgent treat for the young and young at heart.

"This team, at this time, in this place is working diligently to create something for this community that will create a demand for more visual art experiences. Sugar High is ambitious and challenging, but the reward will make it all worth it." - romy owens


Sugar High Promotional Photo, Provided by romy owens.

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