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Stories From the Core

Sarah Ahmad


Sarah Ahmad, Headshot, image provided by Sarah Ahmad. 2021.


“Stories from the Core” is a collaborative art project that seeks to bear witness to grief—the grief of individuals across Oklahoma, and the grief of the land itself—as a movement towards healing. This project uses storytelling practices, mixed media art, and the natural beauty and power of the earth to facilitate intimate moments of mourning, in which community members honor their losses and open themselves up to hope. Drawing on the transformative powers of the natural world, “Stories from the Core” invites communities to experience the land as a force for healing.

"OVAC has been pivotal to my growth as an artist in Oklahoma. Their continued support has allowed me to further expand my art practice to ecotherapeutic, socially-engaged work that is oriented towards healing and rooted in collaboration and community partnership." - Sarah Ahmad


Maryam Ahmad (Collaborator) headshot image provided by Sarah Ahmad.

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