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Nicole Poole


Partial SPARK! Ensemble July 25, 2021
Pictured L to R: Jessica Ray (Dance, Cinematography, Production Assistance); Hui Cha Poos (Dance); Aaron Michael Bushong (Violin, Viola, Theater); Nicole Poole (Live Composer, Actor, Producing Artistic Director); Tony Tee (DJ/MC); Chris Shepard (Dance); Angel Little (Visual Art, Dance, MC). Not pictured: Zachary Burns (Cinematography/Photography); Jacob Burns (Cinematography); Chelsea Bushong (Harp, Dance); Brandi Kelley (Dance); Austin Nieves (Dance).
Photo credit: Zachary Burns


SPARK! is a daring and diverse new ensemble of acclaimed artists joining forces to bring cutting-edge, immersive performance to the heart of OKC. SPARK!’s mission is to create delightful disruption for community healing and cohesion, rethinking how the arts engage with each other, and with the public. SPARK! joyfully merges dance, visual art, music, poetry, and theatre into wildly unpredictable, one-of-a-kind happenings created with the public in pop-up locations accessible to the broader OKC community. Our events are free of charge and intended to reconnect us through active creativity, radical collaboration, and shared humanity.

"SPARK! is my response to our need for spaces to heal from what we’ve just lived through, and to harness our collective uncertainty into joyful, light-hearted and radically inclusive collaboration. OVAC’s support allows me to meaningfully compensate the artists I’m working with and to keep SPARK!’s events free to the public." - Nicole Poole


L to R: Zachary Burns Cinematography); Brandi Kelley (Dance); Jessica Ray (Dance, Choreography, Filmmaking); Angel Little (Visual Art, Graffiti, MC, Poetry, Dance); Aaron Michael Bushong (Violin, Viola & Theater); Hui Cha Poos (Choreography & Dance); Nicole Poole (Live Composition, Theater); Chelsea Bushong (Harp, Dance); Chris “Twix” Shepard (Dance); Tony Tee (DJ, MC & Poetry); Austin Nieves (Dance & MC)
Photo Credit: Zachary Burns
Not pictured: Nicholas Klein (Percussion, Dance).

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