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People by People

Tiffany McKnight


Headshot of Lead Applicant, Tiffany McKnight. Photo taken by Photographer, Alexa Ace (Instagram @alexaaace)


People by People is a small business and creative content production company founded in 2020 by local artist, pattern designer, and muralist Tiffany McKnight. For the brand’s official launch, PXP will be collaborating with local artists, photographers, activists, and musicians – to curate and publish the first volume of a limited edition art book and “living archive” of our city and its residents. Featuring a collection of stunning local photography and art, PXP aims to showcase the stories of Oklahoma City from an alternative perspective through representation that includes all walks of life, with a particular emphasis on the voices that history tends to overlook.

“As a small business owner and independent artist, I’m grateful to have received the Thrive! Grant from the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC). I’ve followed the organization since I worked as a spring intern with them in 2012, and I appreciate their support for my upcoming People by People project.” - Tiffany McKnight


People by People Logo. Image Provided by Tiffany McKnight.

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