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Oklahoma Unwound: ASLUT Community Quarterly

Ferrel Dixon


ASLUT Team: Ferrel Dixon (top center), Madeline Roper (top right), Elizabeth Wenger (bottom center), Zach Frazier (bottom right), Adam Townsend (top left), and Hunter O'Neal (bottom left)


Oklahoma Unwound: ASLUT COMMUNITY QUARTERLY (ACQ) is an event series hosted by ASLUT, a multimedia arts publication and collective. ACQ will highlight artists and collaborators through engaging events that center on issues of social and political importance in Oklahoma. Over the course of the grant year, we will put on four immersive art installation-events based on four themes: Mental Health, The LGBTQ Experience in Oklahoma, Environmental Degradation from Oil and Gas, Mass Incarceration. Through these events, issues of ASLUTZINE (our arts and culture magazine), and artist talks, we will spark discussion and encourage creative engagement around Oklahoma. 

"I created ASLUT in 2019 to bring the community together and shine a spotlight on the incredible Oklahoma arts and music scene. Since 2019, we have published collaborative issues of ASLUTZINE, promoted artists, and  hosted arts events. With this grant, we will continue our work and increase community involvement!" - Ferrell Dixon


ASLUT Zine. COVID Diaries Part 2.

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