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Liminal Landscapes Along Rt. 66

Naima Lowe


Naima Lowe, Headshot, Provided by Naima Lowe


This project will collaborate with grassroots horticulturalist Leslie Witherspoon to create a demonstration garden and rotating flagpole installation on a residential property that Naima recently acquired near Rt. 66 in Tulsa, OK. They will spend the next 10-11 months installing, cultivating, and documenting the space and then invite the public to the space for a garden party and installation opening. The project goal is to encourage community connection by showcasing the ways that we can turn our private spaces into sites for shared public engagement with the arts and the local environment.

“OVAC creates programs that truly support and uplift artists. My THRIVE! grant will help me plant roots in my new community, literally and figuratively. Leslie and I are thrilled to share our vision of using yards to connect our creativity, curiosity, and hopes for a sustainable future.” - Naima Lowe


Image pulled from the web. Route 66. Oklahoma.

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