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Amy Sanders De Melo


Headshot of Lead Applicant, Amy Sanders De Melo. Photo taken by Photographer, Emily Burney (Instagram @emilyburneyphoto).


Invisible Voices incorporates first-hand accounts from those on the fringe of mainstream America who are often silenced by the majority. Narratives from current and past residents of Oklahoma will be collected and used to create a series of ceramic vessels as part of an interactive exhibit. The show will bring unlikely individuals together into conversation, understanding, and healing after a long period of separation brought on by the pandemic, political division, and ongoing social injustice. The exhibit will encourage all marginalized individuals to hold true to their voices… and encourage everyone else to listen.

"Over the years, OVAC has been a continuous source of support for me as an artist. The Thrive Grant will provide the means to execute an idea long in the making and will allow me to expand my practice to include other artists and the community at large."  - Amy Sanders De Melo


Photo of Lead Applicant, Amy Sanders De Melo working in the studio. Photo taken by Photographer, Emily Burney (Instagram @emilyburneyphoto).

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