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Faces Of Our Community

Shelly Goodmanson


Shelly Goodmanson in the Studio, Headshot, Provided by Shelly Goodmanson


Faces of Our Community will be two-fold; a creation of clay ‘self-portraits’ followed by an art gallery style experience for our rural community.  The community participants, needing no experience, will be invited and encouraged to attend clay self-portrait sessions where all materials and instruction will be provided.  The project will conclude in a public gallery type exhibition of self-portraits created entirely by the public for the public, a representation of our community of farmers, teachers, professionals, and children.

“Giddy excitement describes how I felt when I was notified about being a recipient of a THRIVE! Grant!  I look forward to providing ceramic materials and an artistic opportunity in a small farming community.” - Shelly Goodmanson


Sample of faces built as demonstration pieces for 3rd grade project.

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